Cricket Gaps Solved: Multeway's Shoutout to the Rescue


Cricket enthusiasts, like Alex, often face the challenge of forming a complete team. Multeway’s shoutout feature offers a solution, connecting cricket lovers even when players are scarce.

The Cricket Conundrum :

Alex needed two more players for a cricket game. His friends weren’t available, and time was running out. He remembered Multeway’s shoutout feature.

Cricket Conundrum

The Power of the Shoutout

Alex created a shoutout titled “Need 2 Cricket Players Today!” with details on the game time, location, and a photo of their gear. He selected “cricket” as the interest and set a radius for local players.

Connecting with Cricket Enthusiasts

The shoutout instantly notified potential players in the area who shared an interest in cricket. Mark, a nearby cricket enthusiast, saw the shoutout and joined the game, thanks to Multeway’s connectivity.

Cricket Enthusiasts


Multeway’s shoutout feature connected Alex and Mark, demonstrating how technology bridges gaps and connects people based on shared interests. Whether it’s forming a cricket team or making like-minded connections, Multeway’s shoutout feature can help you achieve your goals. Try it out and experience the magic of Multeway for yourself!

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