Connect Locally: Dive into Multeway's Shoutout Revolution


In today's fast-paced world, social networking has become a cornerstone of our daily lives. We connect with friends, family, and acquaintances worldwide through platforms that span the globe. But what about our immediate surroundings? What about connecting with people who share our interests right in our neighborhoods?

Multeway brings a revolutionary approach to social and local networking. Its exclusive "shoutout" feature allows us to connect globally while also emphasizing the importance of local connections. In this blog post, we will delve into how Multeway is reshaping the landscape of social and local networking, one shoutout at a time.

Multeway: The Social Network with a Local Twist

Social Network with a Local Twist

Multeway, more than just another social networking app, is designed to bridge the gap between our virtual lives and our local communities. It recognizes the importance of connecting with like-minded individuals who live nearby and the potential of making meaningful, real-world connections. With Multeway, you don't have to choose between global reach and local engagement. You can have both.

Shoutouts: Your Local Networking Superpower

Local Networking Superpower

The heart of Multeway's innovation lies in its "shoutout" feature. Imagine you have a specific interest or need, whether it's finding a badminton partner, a nearby event, or a recommendation for a local business. Shoutouts are your way of broadcasting these needs to the people around you. Here's how they work :

Precision:- You can post shoutouts with specific details, including your interest, location, and radius,ensuring you connect with those who matter most.

Community: Shoutouts bring together people who share your interests in your vicinity, fostering a sense of local community.

Discovery: Explore the interests of those around you and make new friends or business connections in your neighborhood.

Why Join Multeway?

  • 1 . Local Engagement

Multeway enhances your local networking experience. Connect with neighbors who share your passions, interests, or requirements.

Local Engagement

  • 2 . Global Reach

Stay connected with your friends, family, or connections worldwide while expanding your local circle.

  • 3 . Community Building

Be part of a thriving local community and contribute to its growth.

  • 4 . Real-World Connections

Use shoutouts to initiate meaningful interactions, whether you're looking for a playdate for your kids, local business opportunities, or just a fellow enthusiast to share your hobbies.


Join Multeway today to rediscover the power of local networking, connecting with your neighbors socially and professionally. With its innovative shoutout feature, Multeway allows you to build a strong local network while maintaining your global connections. Experience social networking, local networking, and shoutouts all in one place. Join now and create meaningful connections.

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